About Frillseeker

Accessories, lipstick and really brilliant cushions. Frillseeker.ie is the website from Kirstie McDermott devoted to digging up the best accessories and lifestyle frills it can find, just so it can brighten your life up a little. Launched in 2013, it went on a rather-longer-than-planned hiatus in 2015. Now it’s back – and here’s its story.

ZzzZZzzztt – that was the old, in-the-third person intro to the about page on the old site. Let’s start this one in the first person, yeah?

Frilseeker.ie launched in 2013, a year after I’d stepped down from Beaut.ie after an incredibly informative five-and-a-half-years. My sister Aisling and I were the OG Irish beauty bloggers: the girls who are doing such a good job now have had their paths smoothed in large part by us: we commercialised what we did, formed partnerships and worked out how to navigate the tricky waters of what’s an ad/what’s not an ad (it’s, er, surprisingly easy…).

We tried to do it all by always staying true to the readership we’d built up. And it was loads – pre-social amplification in 2006, we were getting 20k readers a day by word of mouth alone.

But I wanted to do other things. I always do. And moving on from Beaut.ie allowed me to do some cool things like firstly, launch this website with other things on it relevant to my own interests: I’m more than the sum of my beauty parts. So I did that.

I was also able to take the opportunity to deputy edit STELLAR Magazine, and then become its editor for two years. I am always on the lookout to upskill (if you work in the media you’ve kinda gotta), I lectured on the NCI’s Digital Marketing Course and I did a heaping ton of other things. Frillseeker fell by the wayside.

Then I was offered my current role: Head of Content at 256, an amazing, multi award-winning content agency with tons going on. Much as I love magazines, I was conscious I didn’t want to lose my digital skillset, so I jumped again. I’ll probably keep jumping: it keeps you sharp.

But I missed having my own outlet. So I got my developer pal to retool the site (only 18 months or so later than planned), and here we are.


Since I last shared my bits with you, quite a lot has happened:

  • I bought a tumble-down wreck of a house and am in the process of doing it up.
  • I broke my right leg and ankle in six places and now have a RoboLeg.
  • I got two cats, Stan and Boo.
  • +more, thrilling and exciting life updates.

Want to get in touch? It’s kirstie.mcdermott@gmail.com.