5 Steps to The Easiest (And Non-Crunchy) Beachy Hair We've Ever Seen

Say bye bye to sticky salt spray for waves - L'Oreal Paris' new #TXT Wave Creating Spray makes it all a cinch
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By Kirstie McDermott @frillseeker

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 15:30


L'Oreal Paris

Sometimes, when a brand is trying to explain the impact of a particular product range, it makes sense for them to get the beauty media together in a room and show them.

L'Oreal Paris Texture Styling Wave Creating Spray and volume

That was precisely what the peeps at L'Oreal Paris did for the new #TXT (HASHTAG! short for Texture Styling, peeps) products. Two for guys and two for gals, we're more interested in the ladies ones, I'm wagering.

So, do you see Thalia above with her easy, casual-looking waves? This is how to get her hair using the newbie Wave Creating Spray, €5.99.

L'Oreal Paris Texture Styling Wave Creating Spray step 2

Step 1: Spray

The idea with this is you can use it liberally on damp hair that's freshly washed; blow dry until almost moisture-less, then twist it up into a couple of topknot buns, blast it a bit more with the dryer and release the beast waves.

Hairdresser-slash-makeup-maestro Billy Orr showed us another way to get even more movement going on: instead of two big buns, try using smaller sections of hair and spraying them with product - it's very light and non-sticky so you won't get weight or buildup.

L'Oreal Paris Texture Styling Wave Creating Spray step 2

Step 2: Twist

Then twist each section you've sprayed into mini-dreadlocks for extra product absorption.

L'Oreal Paris Texture Styling Wave Creating Spray step 3

Step 3: Pin

Now, roll your mini-dreads up into Princess Leia-alike buns atop your head, and secure with pins or grips.

L'Oreal Paris Texture Styling Wave Creating Spray step 4

Step 4: Dry

Ok, you're done with the fiddly bit: granted you may need some help with that part, if you don't opt for your double-bun (which, by the way, you can throw up before bed and sleep on for extra morning tousle). Now you want to blowdry the product into your twirls of hair to ensure your waves will be perfectly beachy.

L'Oreal Paris Texture Styling Wave Creating Spray step5

Step 5: Release

Ok, not quite what we're after yet, but don't panic. Billy had yet to finish things off, which he did quickly by releasing the curl in Thalia's hair with his fingers.

L'Oreal Paris Texture Styling Wave Creating Spray - finished look

Step 6: The 'do

And here - and the top pic - are the finished result. Not bad for a bit of spraying, pinning and a light application from the auld hair dryer, eh? Will you give the spray a go?

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