Shonen Knife
In between all the Bing and Motown, there's erm, Mark E Smith ranting about protein Christmasses and Gryff Rhys muttering about post-apocalyptic festivities
Skylar Photobooth Masks from Monki
Reckon photobooth selfies are played out? Betcha you'll think again when you check these out
cara delevingne CJD tattoo
The weird world of celebrity ink is a very odd place indeed

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Further Frills

kate spade nesting boxes
Fingers firmly crossed for lots more of Kate Spade's lovely line...
By Kirstie McDermott on 03/11/2014
petalwell oil diffuser
A new Irish innovation that's all about scenting with none of...
By Kirstie McDermott on 02/11/2014
Brings whole new meaning to the term 'musical chairs', this...
By Kirstie McDermott on 30/10/2014
Yesterday was National Cat Day, but to ensure that EVERY day is cat...
By Kirstie McDermott on 30/10/2014
nicole richie probably doesn't do bulletproof coffee
As well as eating muck and rocks for her breakfast, paleo convert...
By Anna Shelswell-White on 07/10/2014
animal wrapping
Can we get a squee (and maybe a miaow?) for these purrfectly pretty...
By Kirstie McDermott on 24/09/2014
just sayin' notelets
En route back to another year of hard grind? Sure lookit, some new...
By Kirstie McDermott on 02/09/2014
Festival poncho
It's gonna shit it down, you'll hardly know you're...
By Kirstie McDermott on 26/08/2014
tents at glastonbury
Ain't technology grand? This clever idea just might save you...
By Kirstie McDermott on 25/08/2014
Travis Bickle
No, one of them's not your dad but you might be surprised at who...
By Rosemary Mac Cabe on 07/08/2014