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Frillseeker’s editor in chief is Kirstie McDermott and she can be contacted on Kirstie.McDermott@gmail.com or by phone to 086 858 1953. Postal address details are provided on request.

PR and coverage enquiries

As a self-employed freelance writer for print and online for many years (you can find my credits on the about page), and experienced marketer both on and offline, I’m very well used to pitches and PR approaches. I don’t feature everything I’m asked to, nor unfortunately do I always have the time to reply to your email.

Please note that I can’t work for your brand free of charge and pitches outside of regular editorial mentions, involving getting me or my readers to do something for your company/brand/product are just that, work, and are therefore subject to a fee.

I am always happy to receive your news and updates and will always consider them, but the buck always stops with Frillseeker and its editorial policy as to what we cover. And we’re always honest, so please bear that in mind when sending samples. Thanks.

Email us at info@frillseeker.ie

Marketing and Press

Got a marketing approach or want to feature Frillseeker in your publication? Looking to have Kirstie chat on your radio show or give quotes for a magazine or newspaper piece? She loves to gab and whaddya know? She’s an opioniated one.

Email us at info@frillseeker.ie


Please see the advertising page.

Queries and Technical Glitches

Something up with the site you’d like to report or got a question? Happy to help if we can, but please note, unfortunately we just don’t have time to answer queries to do with personal grooming/beauty/fashion issues. We’re really sorry!

If you’re looking for very specific advice, ask in a comment on a relevant post, use the search feature or browse the categories, they’re very well ordered so you can find what you’re looking for quickly.

Email us at info@frillseeker.ie