About Frillseeker

Accessories, lipstick and really brilliant cushions. is the new website from Kirstie McDermott that's devoted to digging up the best accessories and lifestyle frills it can find, just so it can brighten your life up a little.

Ever since she was four years old and demanded to be shown how to sew so she could fashion her teddies high-falutin’ outfits, Kirstie McDermott’s been pretty interested in the whole business of bling.

Along the way she got stuck into a five and a half year stint as the founder of She always reckoned there were going to be more challenges ahead: it’s just the kind of bird she is, really.

(Yep, she’s also quite comfortable with writing about herself in the third person, in case you hadn’t noticed.)

A graduate of NCAD, more years than she’ll admit to as a web designer, eight odd years and counting as a beauty writer (credits include Image Magazine, the Sunday Tribune, Sunday Times Style Ireland, Irish Independent, Confetti, Prudence, The Herald and many more), she's just wrapped up a stint as STELLAR Magazine's deputy editor and is now working on a new digital role within the VIP Magazine Group. Oh, she's also been a lecturer in PR on the NCI’s Digital Marketing Certificate, so she’s not really one to sit around doing nowt.

So, say hello to Frillseeker:  we’re going to have so much fun.

Site specs

Want to know a bit more about how Frillseeker’s put together?

It’s built on a CMS called Drupal, that ace logo was designed by James Kelleher (hit him up for design work, he’s great), the site was built by James Catizone-Loughran who patiently acquiesced to every one of Kirstie’s many and varied requests; site design was provided by Kirstie. 

Celebrity/film images come from paid-for stock resources and PR sources, where images are sourced elsewhere they are credited. The site also features a huge amount of self-taken pix which are shot using a Canon Eos 600D and occasionally an iPhone 5.  

Got a question? Hit me up on